Such is the perfection of the final product, such is the quality of the fabrics that our industry is capable to produce, that the harmony of inaccessible pastures really ends up reviving in the garments we wear.

Founded over sixty years ago and based in Biella, Alvigini nowadays represents a solid reference for all leading manufacturers in the sector, supplying them with the most precious textile fibers in existence.

From the Camelid family with Vigogna, Guanaco, Alpaca and Llama, to Cashmere without forgetting the precious Angora, Mohair, Camel and Yak: Alvigini embodies the essence of the quality of the best fibers, which is an exclusive guarantee for an unparalleled final product.

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A soft quality...

The choice of the best species of sheep, goat, camelid and leporidae breed makes it possible to obtain precious and in fact “noble” fibers. Italy, and in particular the Biella area, is the most important production center for high quality textiles and consequently a priority for the Alvigini Noble Fibers.

As Pier Giuseppe and Luca Alvigini argue in their book "The fibers closest to heaven", if you get used to champagne and Rolls Royce, it is then very difficult to drink sparkling wine or drive a small car. The same happens with cashmere, alpaca, mohair, camel, angora and merino wool. It is an unprecedented testimony of the divine greatness that meant to repay these creatures, sent to live in lands so inaccessible and in pastures so thin and so stingy with food, with mantles of enchanting refinement.

Alvigini Fibre Nobili

Whether it is a cashmere jacket or pullover, a camel overcoat or a mohair, an alpaca or a superfine wool sweater. The quality of Alvigini's "noble" fibers is detectable by sight and touch.


The "noble" raw material guarantees a final product of great quality, soft for the touch and heartening for the spirit.


Like any family-run company, passion is the engine that permits us to preserve and convey the core values ​​of the business over the years.


For over sixty years Alvigini's objective has been to provide quality fibers, to be the exclusive support of high level textile manufacturing.

Words are not needed, they would only serve to spoil the atmosphere, the enchanted moment suspended between earth and sky that the lens of the photographer was able to capture. A charm that human hand is already forced to break in order to demand from these animals the tribute required of them by the laws of nature. But such is the perfection of the final product, such is the quality of the fabrics that our industry is capable of producing today, that the harmony of inaccessible pastures truly ends up reviving in the garments we wear.

from The fibers closest to the sky

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