Alpaca | Vicuña | Guanaco | Llama

From the Camelid family


The Original and centenary Lama Pacos, inhabitant of the Andes of Peru, produces a fiber with a great chromatic variety that goes from white to black.

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vicuña vicuña
The smallest and most beautiful of all South American camelids, it still lives in the wild in the Andean highlands and its custody is entrusted to the local communities of "campesinos".

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Lama Guanico and Camelid of great stature and strength, with a beautiful cinnamon color, lives in the wild, adapted to both the coastal areas and the Andean highlands, from Peru to Patagonia.

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Lama Glama
Similar in size to guanaco and endowed with great resistance, it was domesticated over the millennia by the ancient Peruvians who gave it a magical-religious meaning.

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