The Camelids Family


This camelid inhabits the Peruvian Andes, its place of origin, produces a large chromatic fiber variety ranging from white to black.

There are two breeds, the Suri with long and silky fiber and the Huacayo with the shorter and more wavy fiber. The extraordinary warmth and softness of both fibers laid the foundations for the Andean and especially Incaic textile development.

Today this extraordinary fiber plays a fundamental role in high fashion. Its fineness varies from 18 mic of the Baby Royal to 35 mic of the Adult. Most of the production focuses on 25mic Superfine quality.

The so-called Huarizo is a quality fruit of a cross and gives an average fineness of 30 mic.

Annual production: 7,5 million kilos of greasy in Peru (90%) e Bolivia (10%).